How to Change Procrastination into Action

We all have tasks we find difficult, unrewarding, or just plain distasteful and we usually have the tendency to put them off until “tomorrow.”

Over the years, I have discovered an important trick that I used to help me overcome that distasteful task: it is that if you are going to do something, be happy while doing it. Always set a simple standard for yourself; resolve to muster enthusiasm for projects, meetings, and tasks that you do not enjoy but that are crucial to your business.
Sometimes, you may not want to initiate actions due to pre-conceived ideas of embarrassment, disappointment or fear of failure. But the truth is, the worst that could happen is someone says ‘no’. Of course, being happy while you do something unpleasant is much easier said than done but think of the negative results of not doing those things.

Now, look into the mirror and talk to yourself; tell yourself that you can do it. Looking into the mirror when having serious discussions with yourself is beneficial for two reasons.

1. You acknowledge the one person who can solve this problem: YOU – the person in the mirror.
2. Once you start talking about your goals to your reflection, you’ll be more likely to remember who is going to benefit from this successful outcome: YOU – the person in the mirror. (This always motivates me.)

Once a week, review your goals list and the tasks you’ve assigned yourself. Underline any project that you have put off because it is difficult, unpleasant or boring. Make that task easy to find on your planner. Now, write down a date and time that you will make that call, start that project, or schedule that meeting.
Promise yourself a specific reward for overcoming your apprehensions and completing the task; then take action. JUST DO IT!
Once you understand that the individual in the mirror (YOU) is the only one who can initiate action and overcome procrastination, you can become the most successful person.

Olakitan Wellington, Social Media Strategist

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I am a Social Media Marketing Strategist and Facebook Marketing Expert, a business coach, seminar resource person, published and serial entrepreneur. I help businesses to get extraordinary results from their marketing campaign thus ensuring steady increase in their incomes.

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One comment on “How to Change Procrastination into Action
  1. Thank you very much for the very vital information in this post. However, I will like to add a few points. I think another major cause of procrastination is lack of personal effectiveness. At times we find ourselves forgetting to do something important while we keep indulging in less impactful activities. Most people jump into their day to day activities without maintaining a list of to-dos. Well some people at least have it in their heads while others do not, but, it is most effective to pen it down. 

    Writing down your to-do list will afford you the opportunity to sort the tasks in the other of priority and urgency. By doing this I have personally been able to multitask and people keep asking me how to be a family man, pastor (almost full-time) and working at the same time. This has been my secret recipe.

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