There is a saying that "The only necessary impetus for evil to triumph over good is for good men to sit down and do nothing".


Silence means consent. If anything evil is going on around you and you choose to keep quiet or turn your eyes the other way, then you are endorsing the evil act. You are as guilty as the perpetrator; definitely your conscience will convict you even if no one else does. 

All those who should have come out to speak against the evil called Boko Haram, but who have kept quiet are guilty of supporting terrorism. If you are not against them, definitely you are for them.


Daily, we hear rumours (or is it News?) of former military heads of state and elder states men (not women, lol) who sponsor Boko Haram.  They are accused of giving Boko Haram financial and intelligence support because they have their 'boys' in every establishment.




Any national leader, elder states man (woman), or 'person of influence' who is still keeping quiet and not taking a bold stand against the terrorists, is definitely guilty of Conspiracy of Silence. 

I rest my case. #bring back our girls!

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