Facebook: To Be or Not To Be

My post on whether Facebook is good or bad, generated a lot of reactions and I want to take time out here in order to respond to some of the issues raised

A.  Facebook is dangerous and my personal information is not safe. Things go viral quickly and could lead to a lot of embarrassment

Me: You have the option of what you share on Facebook or any social media platform. You don't have to share necessary information or data.

B. Facebook is a waste of time. One spends too much time chatting on Facebook.

Me: If you plan what you are doing on Facebook, doing business here does not take forever. It is idle chat that wastes time.

C.  I cannot be on social media; I'm too busy

Me: If you are so busy you cannot handle more business than you have now, then it is time to employ more hands or at least outsource.

D. I am presently employed and only have weekends or late hours free. How do I access people who are on social media during the day time?

Me: Use free online tools to schedule your posts ahead.

Please keep the questions coming and let's all benefit from social media. Ciao! 

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