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importation business secretYour Questions Answered

My name is Olakitan Wellington and I am the President, Internet Marketers Association of Nigeria. I have been an internet marketer since 2003 and still do all my businesses online.

I rarely throw my support behind any marketer like I am doing now because I am always very protective of my integrity. I strongly believe that import business is one easy, legitimate way for people with little or no capital to start business and grow it big enough to compete with the big wigs in business.   Another reason I am supporting this business idea is that it is something you can do both online and offline; it involves tangible products.

Importation Business. How to start and run your own importation business from the comfort of your home and with minimal capital. It is about how you can import hot
quality products at very low prices and sell with high profit margin.

How you can easily import from China, Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines and from all over the world completely risk free. This was how so many big businesses started.

He is offering a full Home Study Course Video (N10,000) or Home Study Course Ebook (8,000). If you order the two (video + ebook) together, you pay N15,000 only, saving N3,000


Buy the Home Study Course Video N10,000 or the Home Study Course Ebook N8,000 or Video + Ebook together at N15,000. You save N3,000 when you buy the two together.  Follow the payment instructions below



N8,000 Only For The EBOOK

N10,000 Only For The Complete Seminar VIDEO


(Save N3,000 By Getting the  Seminar VIDEO  & EBOOK Together)!!!


Account Number: 0036-980-265

After Payment text " MINI IMPORT COURSE" With Your Name, Teller Number, and email address to 08096833781  & And You will Have your Mini Importation Guide Sent to you immediately


WARNING: This system will only be available at this price for a limited time… sorry, I will be charging more afterwards… because I just launched this website, I really need to get this guide to the first few people at that cheap price and in turn ask them for their honest testimonial to be used on this site when the price goes up!.


After examining the whole package , at your leisure in the comfort of your own home, if you feel it isn't quite for you, then you can rely totally on my cast-iron guarantee coming 

My 60 Day No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee


I'm so sure that Ultimate Importers Guide will provide you with the results that you're looking for that I'm willing to back it up for a full 60 days.

 If you're not completely satisfied with it, even if it's on the 60th day of the guarantee, all you have to do is let me know and I'll insist that you let me give you a full refund directly from my bank account. no questions asked. It's just that simple!


"The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step"

It's time for you to take the first baby step towards your dream  Start Importing Today ,


Nasbock Bukayo Ogunlude                              
CEO,Nasbock Innovations

For more information, please Call: 08096833781 or send a text message.
PPS Remember, I've taken all the risk on my shoulders; you risk nothing. You’re 100% protected. Not only do you get our 60 days guarantee, you're protecting yourself from getting burnt.Order Right Now!

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Time Management Strategies That Guarantee Success

We need to adopt a set of rules in our lives that will create an environment which will enable us make more money and achieve more in less length of time, with less stress. The difference between a rich man and a poor man is how they use their time daily. Every man gets 24 hours daily and also gets the freedom to choose how he utilises the 24 hours.

Good time and life management is a habit that can be learnt and so many successful people freely share their time management strategies that have brought them stupendous wealth. Below are some time management tips which some of the wealthiest people in the world confirm have worked for them and they live by. I hope they are useful to you. Please regard them as 'life-support' rules 🙂

Rule No. 1: Schedule time to answer phone calls or respond to emails

Answering every phone call or email disturbs your work and flow, and doubles the length of time to get stuff done. Have a particular time of the day for communication and let those who contact you regularly know such times. This is the only way you can be quite productive during your working hours, achieve your business goals and have quality time to spend with your family and friends.

Rule NO. 2: Do not receive visitors without prior appointment

Value yourself, you are very important! What important person can afford to drop everything in order to receive unexpected visitors? If you are serious about accomplishing your what you have set out in your business plan, then you have to set your time management rules. Remember, if you don't plan, others will plan you (yes, they will not only plan for you, they will plan you); so block your time and lock the door against intrusion.

Rule No. 3: Do not start what you can't finish

You cannot keep giving people quick and easy access to you otherwise your business will not grow as it is supposed to. If you are just starting out, you might want to respond personally to emails and phone calls immediately, but it is not a precedent you should set.

Rule No. 4: Automate Your Day

At the end of every working day, you should list out what you will be doing the next day. You may have a template into which you can insert specific tasks; but you may also want to start simple and just write things down that you want to do the following day. Write them as they come to mind; you can rearrange them later, according to priority. You will discover that those tasks can get done as if on automation. I share example of what your scripting could look like

                     5.00 a.m. Morning Prayers/Bible Reading

                     6.00 a.m.    Exercise/Fitness

                     6.30 a.m.     Reading

                     8.00 a.m.    Shower/Get Ready

                     8.30 a.m.    What is the most important but no urgent thing you                                        have to do today? Write it here and continue to fill your working day with reasonable time allocated to each task.                                        

Writing down your daily action plan is a simple, easy but powerful exercise that will make you more productive and get you closer to your dreams, faster.

There will always be people who will get offended and grumble because you won't drop everything to attend to their needs and whining. Don’t bother; it is your life and your dreams that matter. Be in control!

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Show Up On Multiple Channels  

Updating across your social media platforms everyday could be cumbersome and so tiring. You need the aid of automation tools to help lighten your work load, make social media fun and still have life 🙂 I want to share some useful and easy to use tools with you. Let's start with DLVR.ITdlvrit twitter


The tool saves you time by helping you post content from your blog to all of your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc) at the same time; without having to set up updates for each of them.

Go sign up at, to sign up for free. Once you are registered, log in to specify the source where your content is coming from and also the destinations you want it posted. Anytime you post new content, will automatically send out your updates to all the indicated destinations.

The free version allows you to list three (3) post destinations. If you want to add more than three, you will be required to upgrade to either the Pro or Ultimate plan. is a very reliable tool that has useful analytics with which it tracks who clicks on your link.

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Free Social Media Seminar

SOCIAL MEDIAIn celebrating Nigeria and as part of her Social Responsibility efforts, the Productivity Enhancement Forum (in conjunction with the MFM Micro-finance Scheme) is holding a FREE Seminar on the Wealth-Creation Opportunities in Social Media.

It is FREE for everyone living in Nigeria; but you need to reserve a seat because seats are limited and will be allocated on a 'first-come-first-serve' basis; so HURRY!

                          Venue:           Grace Auditorium
                                                MFM International Headquarters
                                                13, Olasimbo Street
                                                Onike. Yaba

                          Date/Time:     Saturday, 12th October @ 10am

                                         RESERVE YOUR SEAT:
Text:   "Your Name+Phone +Reserve my seat" to 07034381962 (SMS Only)


Email:   "Your Name+Phone No+Reserve my seat" to

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The Importance of September

Community 150 At this time of the year, I always love to reflect on what I've been able to achieve from the beginning of the year till date. At the same time, I start to think of the year ahead.

Therefore, when I got a mail from ETR this morning, by one of their sponsors (Gary Ryan Blair) and it was about how you can still achieve a lot in the few months remaining for this year to end, I felt obliged to share it below with you my friends so we can all end the year on a happy note while looking forward, with confidence, to a happier coming year. 

There is a link at the end of the message for you to get some valuable information. I am not getting any credit or compensation for sharing this with you; I am only sharing it because I know it could be of tremendous help to your success. Happy reading!


Gary Ryan Blair's Mail

SEPTEMBER 23RD may very well prove to be the most important day of your life.


#1 It marks the final 100 days of the year.

#2 It provides you with an opportunity to redeem yourself by finishing the year strong.

#3 It represents the turning point in your life and will come to symbolize, the day you took full control of your destiny.

Since you've read this far, consider a few questions:

How many of your goals have you accomplished so far this year?

Have your current strategies made you healthier, wealthier and happier?

If you continue doing what you've done these past 265 days where will you be, and what will you be doing on Jan 1, 2014?

Will you be struggling, spinning your wheels in the same place you are now? Why would you want that?

Especially when you could be…

–   Confidently executing the plan that launches your new online business

–   Or, completing the manuscript that makes you a best selling author

–   Or finishing the year strong and exceeding your annual sales quota.

I'd like to show you how, and here's a great video series and special report for you to check out

Finish Strong!

Gary Ryan Blair

I hope you find this post interesting and useful. To Your Outstanding Success!

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