How to Succeed with Social Media Marketing

These days, there are so many social media platforms out there that one has lost count; and more are still coming on almost every day. I see that a lot of business owners struggle to be present on as many platforms as possible; this could be counter-productive.

You don't have to be available on all social media platforms. Being available on too many of them doesn't make you an expert; instead it scatters your efforts. I rather recommend that you pick and master only two (not all) social media platforms if you want to see great success in a short time. The most frequently used social media platforms in the entire world are Facebook and Twitter. You should use them because they have the largest population.

However, if you find that there is another platform that suits your business greatly, you can combine that with Facebook. For example, some people may prefer to pick Facebook and LinkedIn or Facebook and Google+.

It is very important that you are frequently found on whichever two platforms that you have chosen to work with. You can pre-schedule your posts with free tools like Hootsuite and your posts will appear as frequently as you want without you being necessarily posting every minute.

You must ensure that you post valuable content. Share helpful tips and strategies on how businesses in your niche can have positive results. One good way of getting content is if you give time to reading quality materials in your niche. If you are a reader, you will always have good materials to share. Also, pick and follow leaders in your area of business; people who are doing better than you. Sign up for their newsletters (mostly free) and you can share tips you learn from them.

Interaction is key, very important. Interact with people – talk to them and respond when they talk to you or when they comment on your posts. When posting or responding, always be yourself. Do not try to copy or be another person because people will eventually see through you. Remember that adage which says "you cannot fool all the people all the time". Please, please, please be authentic.

People usually buy from those they trust and the best way to build trust is to build relationship. If you post valuable content frequently and interact with people, you will see an almost immediate increase in your income. Ciao!

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I am a Social Media Marketing Strategist and Facebook Marketing Expert, a business coach, seminar resource person, published and serial entrepreneur. I help businesses to get extraordinary results from their marketing campaign thus ensuring steady increase in their incomes.

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